Show #91 - ColdFusion Builder 2, iPad2, RIACon

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In today's show we talk about the awesomeness that is ColdFusion Builder 2.  It has been released as a public beta and we talk all about the new features it is packed with.  We also discuss Mike's adventures with Tomcat and ColdFusion 9.  We also discuss the announcement from Apple on the iPad 2.  We also discuss some conferences and other things so enjoy.


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ColdFusion Builder 2 Public beta


RIAcon 2011

iPad 2

CFHour Store

5 responses to “Show #91 - ColdFusion Builder 2, iPad2, RIACon”

  1. Tony Garcia Says:
    hey Dave -- I'll definitely see you at cfObective()! So bring that gift, it'll be much appreciated!
    It's interesting how you had a discussion on getting CF to run on Tomcat in light of the recent announcement that ColdFusionX will drop JRun for Tomcat! (about time, I say)
  2. Paul Says:
    Here is a how to for ColdFusion in Ubuntu. I can confirm that on a 512 VPS I run ColdFusion 9 64bit without issue behind apache.
  3. Paul Says:
    Also make sure you get XEN VPS's not OpenVZ. You will need swap to have ColdFusion/Railo/OpenBD running on a jee servlet ( Tomcat/GlassFish etc ) unless your VPS has loads of dedicated Ram.
  4. Phillip Says:
    I've certainly installed CF8/9 on many centos VPS's with 1MB with no memory problems. I am very interested to see how you can overcome your Tomcat multiple hosts issue with apache.
  5. Charlie Arehart Says:
    Great show as always, guys. And for readers interested, the dzone article mentioned in the show is at:

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