Show #164 - It's Simon Free!

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In this week's show, Dave, Scott are joined by Simon Free to discuss the recent release of the community-driven Learn CF in a Week resource. Scott drinks more Grails Kool Aid, cf.Objective() 2013 opens the call for speakers, and will Simon ever find love? Tune in to find out.


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Samsung Galaxy Beam

cf.Objective() 2013 call for speakers

Twitter saved by Java

Learn CF in a week

Taffy 1.2 Beta released

Grails BlazeDS plugin

Intro into ORM with Sam Farmer

Adam Cameron - end the /> madness


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4 responses to “Show #164 - It's Simon Free!”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Guys, do you have anywhere on this site where the instructions for the #CFHourCares competition are written down? I can't find them (nor can Google) if they are. I can understand you want to encourage people to listen to the podcast itself, but in this case might it be good to just have the instructions written down, to encourage people to donate?

    FWIW, I've given you a mention on me blog, by way of trying to mitigate that imbalance you pointed out between the attention my stupid slash article and your far more meritorious Hurricane Sandy efforts have been getting:

    Oh, and *I'll get back to you* regarding the pillorying you gave me in today's podcast. Heh ;-)

  2. Dave Ferguson Says:
    No we didn't put any info on the site as it is in the podcast. But thank you for passing out the info to your blog readers. Much appreciated.


  3. Mulberrys Says:
    nice here why is that
  4. Richard Hughes Says:
    I already donated to SANDY, did not have a receipt to send you. I'll check.

    Do a CF SSO show!

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