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Network World

U.S. government ranks dead last in fixing detected app security flaws
Network World
Veracode's 2015 SOSS report is organized into seven vertical markets across 34 industries: government; financial services such as banking, finance and insurance; retail and hospitality; technology which includes tech, telecommunications, electronics ...
Less than one-third of weaknesses in gov't web and mobile apps fixed, new ...FierceGovernmentIT
Report: Government software flawed, rarely
The government is falling behind on application securityPC World

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Ars Technica (blog)

“EPIC” fail—how OPM hackers tapped the mother lode of espionage data
Ars Technica (blog)
"We see supporting evidence that these attacks are related to the group that launched the attack on Anthem [the large health insurer breached earlier this year]," said Tom Parker, chief technology officer of the information security company FusionX ...

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How US military, Australian government and e-commece sites around the world ...
When I discovered hacking attempts on one of our servers last week, what we found upon investigation were even more hacking exploits on platforms including Magento, WordPress, aspx, PHP, and even a ColdFusion website. These hack attempts seem to ...


Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 ...
Andrea Rossi's E-Cat — the device that purports to use cold fusion to generate massive amounts of cheap, green energy — has been verified by third-party researchers, according to a new 54-page report. The researchers observed a small E-Cat over 32 ...

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The Recorder

Adobe Strikes Data-Breach Deal With No Payout
The Recorder
They eventually accessed databases containing customers' personal information and source code for popular Adobe products, which include digital imaging program Photoshop and website and app building tool ColdFusion. That October, the company announced ...

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Business Analyst - Oracle & Emerging Technologies
Richland Chronicle
Information Technology background and/or working conceptual knowledge of PL/SQL, Java, Oracle, ColdFusion and Adobe. Ability to create data environments that are nimble, secure and forward-looking. Strong analytical skills; able to query, gather and ...

Bill Gates investigating potential of cold fusion technology
The country has been one of the world's leading developers of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, having only last month shown exciting developments in the field of small-scale cold fusion energy production with Andrea Rossi's E-Cat that has ...
Modi government urged to revive cold fusionZee News

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Cold fusion is real, claim scientists
Zee News
"It is time that serious work is funded to study the conditions of cold fusion and other correlated effects, gathering the evidence needed to understand it." According to another report in the journal, the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology in ...

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AOPA Pilot

Is Lockheed's fusion project breaking new ground?
“Lockheed Martin has a reputation to lose,” said Steven Cowley, director of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in the United Kingdom, adding that the furore surrounding Lockheed's announcement was reminiscent of that around cold fusion in the 1980s ...
Fusion Energy: Hope or Hype?Huffington Post
Andrea Rossi's E-Cat Devours Lockheed's Hypothetical Compact Fusion ReactorPure Energy Systems News

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Cold fusion tech picked up by major US partner, prepares for launch in the ...
On the off-chance that cold fusion does turn out to be the savior of civilization, though, I'm going to keep on writing about it. Today, the big news is that a large US investment company has acquired the rights to Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion ...