Show #210 - She's Dead Jim!

Railo , SQL , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 20 Comments »

This week Matt "The Awesome Producer (emeritus)" Gifford joins Scott and Dave to talk about whether or not "CFML is dying".  The trio also talk about insecure passwords, Scott's experience in trying Railo, Dave's experience in trying Handlebars, numbers nowbeing numbers, and a cool new jQuery plug-in.


Show #209 - Underjoyed and Overwhelmed. Strike that. Reverse it.

Railo , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 , Angular JS 15 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss Adobe's latest Beta release of CF and its features. Scott talks about how his golf league app is posessed and we find out just how Javascript saved the day!


Show #208 - Eating Crow and Grunting

ColdFusion , Railo , Adobe 17 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott apologize for the level of ranting on  Show #207. They peel back the curtain on how the podcast is made. They also discuss the State the CF Union survey and Scott's experience with Grunt.


Show #207 - Ryno, Rocks, Railo Rants, and Scott (Box)

ColdBox , ColdFusion , Railo , Frameworks , Adobe , SOTR , Conferences , News 23 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss the Ryno unicycle, Scotch on the Rocks, a Railo fanboy manifesto, coldfusion UI, knockout.js, growl notifcations and why no one listens to them.  Luis Majano stops by to talk about the "Into the Box" conference and bash Scott of course. Rants a plenty with a little wafffle on top! Its quite a show this week!


Show #206 - Mucho Happy Box

ColdFusion 8 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss product updates, all things 'Box' and more issues with StackOverflow framework questions. They also discuss chocolate and kidneys. For real. Welcome to CFHour.


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