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Show #150 - Births, Birthdays and Brackets

IDE , Announcements , Conferences 1 Comment »

Welcome to the 150th episode of CFHour! Can you say 'sesquicentennial'? Scott can... kind of.

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the latest news and first impressions on the release of Brackets, the new code editor from Adobe. They also chat about more issues with Stack Overflow and what to do when a code editor is just a code editor.


Show #149 - Sublime, Gists and Dinner

Git , ColdFusion 1 Comment »

In this week's show Scott tries (again) with the unofficial ColdFusion updater and has more joy with Sublime Text 2. It's all about perseverance, people.

Our hosts also discuss Git, Gists and what code you should publish publicly. Dave may be 'on a promise', if only he can rustle up dinner in time... dare we find out?


Show #148 - Catchup, Railo and DevWeek

Railo , cf.Objective , Adobe 3 Comments »

Dave and Scott reminisce about and discuss cf.Objective 2012 - what sessions they attended, who they met and how much they drank.

Important news from Railo regarding the future of CFML, and Adobe Proto - a benefit or a hindrance?


Show #147 - Live at cf.Objective 2012

cf.Objective , Conferences 1 Comment »

Join Dave, Scott and Matt and listen to the live recording of the show at cf.Objective 2012.


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