Entries for month: March 2012

Show #139 - Just Keep Learning

ColdFusion , Frameworks , Conferences 8 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss more common public misconceptions about ColdFusion and the overall point that it's vitally important to just keep learning.


Show #138 - ESAPI, StackOverflow and Community

Security , cf.Objective 2 Comments »

In this show Dave, Scott and Matt discuss the joys and frustrations of posting on StackOverflow, the announcement of the jQuery foundation and using ESAPI in your ColdFusion applications. Dave has issues with cfthread, there are some more sites for you Twitter Bootstrap lovers to check out, and they discuss the end of internal-community battles. A listener question is also answered.


Show #137 - Mega Ask CFHour Edition

Listener Q/A , ColdFusion 10 3 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott answer listener questions. Was yours answered? Tune in to find out.


Show #136 - CF10 Extras and Operator Errors

ColdFusion 10 , Testing 7 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss some of the new features in ColdFusion 10 that haven't as of yet been widely acknowledged. Dave lets us in on his two-day saga with ColdFusion and MAMP, and together they chat about CFSelenium and MXUnit, as well as some fantastic news for two of the ColdFusion community members. There are also some 'whoopsies' along the way.


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