Entries for month: February 2012

Show #135 - ColdFusion 10 Public Beta

ColdFusion 10 1 Comment »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the release of ColdFusion 10 in public beta, and some of their favourite features so far.


Show #134 - Sublime, Divas and Deployment

IDE , Conferences 7 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss Scott's exploration into using Sublime Text 2 for code editing, what is fair compensation for speakers at conferences, Scott's issues with reserved words in an ORM application and the resolution of his MXUnit issues. Good times.


Show #133 - Touchdowns, Fusebox and Bootstrap

ColdFusion , Frameworks 8 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the re-release of the Fusebox framework, Web Sockets in ColdFusion Zeus, PhoneGap 1.4 and Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

Scott also understands why some people may shy away from writing unit tests for application development, but he doesn't let it get him down too much as he's rather happy for some reason. We're not sure why.. he's normally so quiet and reserved...


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