Entries for month: January 2012

Show #132 - Updates, Updaters and Analytics

ColdFusion , Listener Q/A , jQuery 1 Comment »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the PIPA and SOPA bill updates, Scott goes back to try the Unofficial ColdFusion Updater again, and jQuery mobile receives an update for device support amongst other things. Matt also interviews David Stockton from Intergral about Fusion Analytics and tools to keep watch over your servers.

A listener's question is also answered in the Ask CFHour section of the show.


Show #131 - PIPA, IIS and Farewell

Listener Q/A , cf.Objective 5 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss SOPA and PIPA, the official ColdFusion blog and moving from Apache to IIS for local development. The cf.Objective() 2012 schedule is also released and Dave says goodbye to something.


Show #130 - cf.Objective with Bob Silverberg

cf.Objective 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Bob Silverberg as they discuss the session and speaker selection process and what to expect from cf.Objective() 2012.


Show #129 - Frameworks, Open Source and Validation

ColdFusion , Frameworks , cf.Objective 9 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the benefits of using a framework, with particular emphasis on the FW/1 project. They also talk about recent discussions regarding open source software, the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller, cf.Objective() 2012 and the release of ValidateThis 1.1.


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