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Show #128 - ColdFusion Zeus with Ray Camden

Book Review , ColdFusion , Zeus 5 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Ray Camden and Matt Gifford as they talk about upcoming features in ColdFusion Zeus. Scott also offers a review on John Whish's ColdFusion ORM book, and together they discuss using ORM in your applications.


Show #127 - Bagels, Security and Glass Houses


In this show Dave and Scott chat to Jason Dean (the ColdFusion bulldog) about XSS attacks and security. They also mention the release of Sean Corfield's FW/1 project to version 2.0, how to ask for help within a public forum, and how not to make a name for yourself within the community.


Show #126 - Security, ColdSpring and Hat-tricks

ColdFusion , Security 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott mention the latest ColdFusion security hotfix, and how using tools like HackMyCF and FuseGuard can really help you protect your ColdFusion servers. Scott then discusses his recent re-introduction to ColdSpring's use of abstract beans and objects and how they can greatly help to simplify your code. The hosts then discuss stupid people, mobile market shares and how a certain podcasting company can go 'pound salt'.

A listener's question is also answered in the Ask CFHour section of the show.


Show #125 - HAML, Clouds and Backups

Testing , jQuery 3 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott talk about HAML, the HTML Abstraction Markup Language and discuss it's usefulness and requirements. Dave also has some impressive things to say about a Cloud computing demonstration recently shown at the LA ColdFusion User Group. Finally, they discuss the importance of ensuring you have backed up all of your data and database entries so that you don't pull 'a Bob'.


Show #124 - Normalization, Conventions, and Troubleshooting

Debugging , ColdFusion , Flex , Testing 9 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott talk about doing or not doing data normalization.  They also talk about their preferences in naming conventions for database columns and such.  Scott talks about a complicated issue he had that debugging an issue and some tips for those that find themselves in the same situation.  The also talk about the work done by Adam Tuttle and the cfscript additions on github.  They also talk about the release of Flex SDK 4,.6 and the appearance of PhoneGap, now called Callback , on the Apache Incubator site. Scott also discusses his quest to be less of a person.


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