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Show #235: Stars, Cars, Straps, Patches, Frames, Lames, and HomeSite

BlazeDS , Frameworks , ColdFusion Builder , ColdFusion 10 , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 2 Comments »

This week Dave and Scott start by  talking  about Star Wars swag and Tesla's "affordable" car announcement. They then talk about recent updates to Bootstrap and Framework 1.

They discuss one individuals desire to make CF Builder look like HomeSite, the recent CF security pathes, and wrap up with another "Stupidity Overflow" segment.


Show #223: CF Framed and Dave Free in Vegas

CF Summit , ColdFusion , ColdFusion 9 , Contest , ColdFusion 10 , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 2 Comments »

On this episode, Dave recounts the happenings at CF Summit in Vegas, including his presentation on CF Client with Simon Free.  They also cover the contest Adobe is currently having for the best new mobile app created with CF Client, discuss the recent spate of updates to Adobe CF, and whether or not Adobe should pick a framework to ship with.


Show #172 - Java 7 Support

ColdFusion 10 2 Comments »

In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the ColdFusion update with Java 7 support, how NOT to build your ColdFusion apps and some useful Bootstrap plugins.


Show #161 - Questions and falling from space

ColdFusion 10 , jQuery 19 Comments »

In this show, Dave and Scott talk about Stackoverflow and more odd rules on what a question really is.  They also discuss the latest release of JQuery UI and if it has fallen behind the times..  They also recap a conversation on Twitter about innovation.   They also comment in some comments from previous shows.   Also discuss the epic awesomeness that is Felix Baumgartner and his skydive from the edge of space.


Show #154 - Breaking up is hard to do

ColdFusion 10 13 Comments »

In this week's show, Dave and Scott have an open discussion about Joe Rinehardt's video "Dear ColdFusion, I'm breaking up with you".


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