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Show #225: Stupidity Overflow!

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This week, Scott is back fresh from Walt Disney World and ready to opine! Scott has a bunch of corrections from last week's show he wants to discuss with Dave.  The two also talk about the next version of Mircosoft's .Net being open sourced and what implications that may and should have for Adobe CF. They mention Adobe releasing a chart showing which versions of the Java JDK each version of CF supports, and talk about how CF Updater 3 has been updated.  And they close off with their favorite segment "Stupidity Overflow"!


Show #215: Conferences, Keynotes, Diversity and More

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This week's show features an inteview with Jen Myers who is part of the instructor team at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. Jen is the Keynote Speaker at the upcoming CF Objective conference.  Jen talks about women in programming, mentoring speakers, and what she enjoys most about attending conferences.

Also, Adobe announces CF Summit, Railo has some new features, Scott tells us more about wkHTMLToPDF, and Dave sings more of "thunder"'s praises.

Show Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/cfhour/show_215.mp3





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Show Topic Links:

Jen Myers

CF Summit 2014 announced

Cool iterator functions from Railo



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Show #213: Closure

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Titanfall, grills, and Amazon TV kick things off this week. Scott and Dave talk about a good use of the Twitters. Then they give their thoughts on ColdFusion "Thunder" (cue 80's cop show music). They wrap things up with an Adobe Forum post that will blow your mind, and our hosts get some closure.


Show #155 - IE7 and a Battle Royale

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In this week's show, Dave and Scott have some 'issues' with IE7, spell checking and StackOverflow.. it's just another day in the world of CFHour. Some exciting news about RIACon is also released.


Show #150 - Births, Birthdays and Brackets

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Welcome to the 150th episode of CFHour! Can you say 'sesquicentennial'? Scott can... kind of.

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the latest news and first impressions on the release of Brackets, the new code editor from Adobe. They also chat about more issues with Stack Overflow and what to do when a code editor is just a code editor.


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