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Show #214: Thunderstruck

ColdFusion Builder , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 , PDF 15 Comments »

This week's discussion includes Captivate, PDF creation on the cheap, lots of heaping praise for ColdFusion "Thunder", and Scott asking for tips on taking tests.

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Show #213: Closure

ColdFusion Builder , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 40 Comments »

Titanfall, grills, and Amazon TV kick things off this week. Scott and Dave talk about a good use of the Twitters. Then they give their thoughts on ColdFusion "Thunder" (cue 80's cop show music). They wrap things up with an Adobe Forum post that will blow your mind, and our hosts get some closure.


Show #212: Playing the Blame Game

ColdFusion , Security , Railo , HackMyCF , Adobe 9 Comments »

This week Scott and Dave get into the "Blame Game", the recent debate over who is most responsible for ColdFusion sites that get hacked well after the patches were released by Adobe.  Scott updates us on his golf league website and its switch to Railo. The guys discuss Mailinator and the fun process of generating unique email addresses for sites requiring an email address. And what episode of CFHour wouldn't be complete without discussing yet another bad Stack Overflow answer, this one having to do with including headers and footers.


Show #211: Troll's Play, Will Target Pay, CFClient OK and the Fox Runs Away

Mobile , Railo , HackMyCF , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 6 Comments »

This week Scott and Dave discuss patent trolls who are trying to license all podcasts. They talk about the incredible ineptitude that happened with the Target debacle, update you on the Windows 8 touch version for Firefox, discuss some things related to Scott's switch to Railo including how HackMyCF handled it and how quickly the Railo bug he found was fixed. They wrap up by discussing more things wrong with the CF community (hint...it involves StackOverflow posts), and then Dave breaks down his experience with CFClient Beta.


Show #210 - She's Dead Jim!

Railo , SQL , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 20 Comments »

This week Matt "The Awesome Producer (emeritus)" Gifford joins Scott and Dave to talk about whether or not "CFML is dying".  The trio also talk about insecure passwords, Scott's experience in trying Railo, Dave's experience in trying Handlebars, numbers nowbeing numbers, and a cool new jQuery plug-in.


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